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Buildings & Inspections

Buildings and Inspections

Once you have selected your business location you will want to review your building and inspection needs. If you plan on building or performing construction on your business location, you should contact the City of San Pablo Development Services Department at (510) 215-3030. Speaking with the building and planning department early on will allow you to understand construction requirements, costs and fees, and other necessary processes.

Commercial Building and Construction

If you plan on fixing or building at your business location, you will have to obtain permits before you can begin your project. The following is a basic outline of steps that you will have to undertake for a typical commercial building and construction project. Again, all projects are different and have different requirements. We strongly recommend you contact the City of San Pablo Development Services Department at (510) 215-3030 to speak with a planner to better understand requirements specific to your project.

Step 1: Pre-Planning, Zoning Check, and Contra Costa County Plan Approval - Applicants for development projects should begin with review by planning staff to determine what type of permit is needed and to ensure that a use is allowed in the location proposed. Complete a Planning Pre-Application Form and submit it to the City of San Pablo Development Services Department to begin the process.

Step 2: Submit Construction Permit Application - Review what requirements your project needs and submit a completed Construction Permit Application to the City of San Pablo Development Services Department for review. You will need to submit 3 copies of your application and signed/stamped plans. Fees and payments can be paid at this time.

Step 3: Construction Permit Application and Plan Review - The City of San Pablo Development Services Department will review your application and plans. If needed, you will have to apply temporary use permit for additional review.

If your project requires approval from the planning commission, you will have to attend a meeting in order to provide public comment. Permit approval time will vary depending on projects and workload.

Step 4: Verifcation, Payment, and Approval - You will need to pay any outstanding fees and costs related to your project before your project is approved. Again, be sure to check with the  City of San Pablo Development Services Department at (510) 215-3030 for any additional steps.


Your business will also require inspections from agencies of Contra Costa County before it is permitted to operate. 

Contra Costa County Envrionmental Health Department

You will have to have a site/soil and building plan review and inspection completed.

Contra Costa Fire District

The Contra Costa Fire District will also need to inspect and review your business location for compliance with State and Federal Regulations.