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Access To Capital

Access to capital refers to an individual's or organization's ability to obtain resources for starting or expanding a business or funding projects. There are several ways to access capital, depending on your specific needs and circumstances. It is important to carefully evaluate options, have a clear business plan, and consider the cost associated with obtaining funds. At the San Pablo EDC we have partner banks that we work with to assist individuals in accessing capital and work with them on a weekly basis to ensure our clients are aware of funding sources available to the small business community.

Business Grant

San Pablo Back-to-Business (B2B) Fund
Approved by San Pablo City Council, B2B Funds will provide immediate financial relief in the form of grants to qualified, currently licensed small businesses within the incorporated boundaries of the City of San Pablo.  These grants are intended to maintain operations and support business growth during this economically challenging time.
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Mini-Business Improvement Grants (Mini-BIGs)
Mini-Business Improvement Grants (Mini-BIGs) are a way to help San Pablo small business owners to achieve crucial milestones and foster growth. This program aims to provide education, capital, and business support services to help businesses thrive and create jobs.
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Nano Revolving Loan Fund

San Pablo EDC is proud to offer a Nano Revolving Loan Fund (Nano RLF). Nano RLF is designed to stimulate economic growth in Contra Costa County through lending small businesses the capital they need. Funding supports the retention of current employees or contributes to job creation.
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San Pablo EDC partners with the Contra Costa Small Business Development Center, East Bay SCORE, and other business development organizations to bring free business workshops to local and regional entrepreneurs. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and merchants are encouraged to watch on-demand workshops to learn new skills and strategies to grow their businesses.
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