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Strategic Plan

Mission & Vision


San Pablo EDC is a dynamic nonprofit whose mission is to act as a catalyst for equitable economic opportunity. It facilitates a wealth of education and training for workforce, businesses and first-time homebuyers. San Pablo EDC is a member-based, professional services organization, which partners widely in the East Bay Region


We aspire to be the top economic development hub in the East Bay, promoting equitable growth, offering education and training programs for success, and collaborating with partners to foster prosperity. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where businesses and individuals can thrive and succeed.

Strategic Plan 

  1. Strengthening partnerships and collaboration: The goal is to unify different partners to offer extensive and intentional business and workforce support services. Key tactics include identifying partners with complementary programs, using partnerships to achieve common goals, creating equitable and responsive program models, and improving communication among key players in economic development, workforce, and business sectors.

  2. Enhancing workforce development impact: The objective is to innovate and coordinate efforts for a better impact on workforce development in jobs that sustain families and progressive-wage careers. This includes building staff and organizational capacity, assisting clients with earning and opportunity-building, focusing on the enhancement and evolution of support services like financial education, and maintaining continuous feedback analysis to inform policies and programs.

  3. Acting as an equitable economic development partner: The plan involves partnering with the City of San Pablo and regional partner agencies to foster initiatives that broaden economic opportunity. The organization will participate in regional committees, serve as a research and development partner to the city, collaborate to attract industry and businesses to the region, and engage in marketing and communication opportunities.

  4. Ensuring fiscal sustainability and revenue diversification: The organization will focus on maintaining its fiscal sustainability and expanding its revenue sources. Strategies include expanding revenue diversification, identifying earned revenue business lines that align with the organization's focus areas and growth potential, and involving sponsors in the delivery of the organization's work.