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Live in San Pablo? Let's Fund Your Future!

Are you a Contra Costa College student living in San Pablo? Did you know that you can get major help covering the cost of school? Thanks to the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation, some CCC students who are San Pablo incorporated residents qualify for 50% coverage of their enrollment fees, books, supplies, and even childcare. Keep reading to find out how you can qualify and the programs that are eligible for this assistance.

Who Qualifies

In order to qualify for the 50% coverage, you need to be a verified San Pablo incorporated resident, have a High School Diploma or GED, and be enrolled in one of the following programs: 

  1. Public Health -

  2. Nursing -

  3. Medical Assisting -

  4. Health + Human Services -

  5. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) -

  6. Digital Film Production -

  7. Computer Information Systems -

  8. Certified Nursing Assistant -

  9. Business Office Technology -

  10. Biotechnology -

  11. Automotive Service Technician -

  12. Automotive Collision Repair -

  13. Administration of Justice -

Early Learning Center at CCC

As part of our commitment to supporting San Pablo residents, the SPEDC collaborates with Contra Costa College's Early Learning Center (ELC). The ELC provides high-quality preschool instruction for children aged 2 years to kindergarten entry.

To learn more about our child care assistance programs or to apply for a subsidy, please contact us at

510-215-3200 or

Other Training Partners

In addition to Contra Costa College (CCC) and the training partners mentioned previously, there are additional programs available for San Pablo residents. These programs are aimed at providing training and educational opportunities. Here are some of the additional options:

  1. VASCO Career College

  2. Michael's Transportation Service (MTS)

  3. Pathstream

  4. Moler Barber College (MBC)