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Events & Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns for businesses to get involved in

Small Business of the Year (SBOTY)

Small Business of the Year is an award or recognition given to a small business in San Pablo, CA that has shown growth, innovation, community involvement, and has been a partner of the San Pablo EDC in boosting the economic vitality of the community.

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Hiring/Career Day Events

A Hiring Fair is where employers discuss open roles, hiring details, and may conduct brief interviews. A Career Day involves employers presenting industry information, in-demand jobs, qualifications, and training opportunities.

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Business Watch

Business Watches actively reduces and prevents crime through cooperation and education. Programs vary according to need; however, successful groups adhere to these fundamental steps:

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Small Business of the Year

For existing businesses, the San Pablo EDC wants to work with them on activities and offerings that support them in various ways. These services can be essential for the smooth operation and growth of companies. At San Pablo EDC we have professionals that we have partnered with that can guide businesses with their accounting and bookkeeping, tax planning, HR, marketing/advertising, and insurance. We have trusted partners and current San Pablo business owners who we work with to provide a variety of services. We also want to be a resource hub where business owners can look at San Pablo EDC as an advisor and bridge to other business professionals. We also have networking events where San Pablo businesses can promote their services to other professionals. 

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Where’s Pablo?

San Pablo EDC partners with the local San Pablo Police department and a participating business in San Pablo. At the event, San Pablo Police mascot Pablo is present, greets children, and provides photo opportunities with them and their families. The event is in partnership with the local police and business owners to strengthen community ties and to be a resource to one and other. 

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Member and Sponsor Appreciation Mixer

Our Sponsor, Member & Partner Appreciation Mixer that took place on October 5, 2023 was a success we had over 20 business in attendance and got the opportunity to meet new business that have been established in 2023 in San Pablo as well. We enjoyed seeing our partners, sponsors and members who help support continued partnership through events, collaborations, and marketing efforts with the San Pablo EDC. San Pablo EDC stays focused on creating equitable economic opportunity and we cannot do this without the support of those that were present at the mixer. 

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