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Existing Business

Existing Businesses

Existing businesses often have different needs than new businesses. The San Pablo EDC provides a range of resources that can help you better manage your business for success. Click on the icons below to see how you can plan for success now, in order to enjoy the fruits of your efforts in the future.

 Business Workshops

Our business workshops are held in partnership with business leaders, financial professionals, and local community organizations. All workshops we host are of no-cost and is open to the public.

 Get Financing

As your business matures, you might find yourself in need of additional business capital. Make sure you inform yourself and become familiar with what options you have.

 Business Advising

Depending on your needs, we can connect you to professional business resources for technical assistance. In addition, we can cater our expertise to match your needs.

 Hire Staff

Hiring staff takes time and resources. You want to find affordable, high-quality talent in order to help you grow and run your business. 

 Market Your Business

Do you know how to effectively market your business? Business owners should create strong marketing strategies to keep their market presence strong. Learn the marketing basics.


Pursuing business certifications can allow you to grow and expand your services or products. There are resources out there to help you become certified in order to secure contracts and proposals.

 Relocate or Expand

Relocating, expanding, or opening additional business locations is a hard process. Let us help you with site selection.

 Permits and Licensing

Explore this list of the most common businesses and what it takes to keep them going. These toolkits include relevant permits, resources, and guides developed to help you manage your business.