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To Apply for Mini-BIGs, you must complete the enrollment form.

Para solicitar Mini-BIG, debe completar el formulario de inscripción.

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Mini-BIG's Grant

Mini-Business Improvement Grants (Mini-BIGs) are a way to help San Pablo small business owners set, hit, and celebrate milestones critical to small business growth. The Mini-BIGs program will help small businesses grow and create jobs by providing them with greater access to education, capital, and business support services.

Through our expertise and community partners network, we will offer two paths to success. Businesses may enroll and work through the curriculum and on-demand technical assistance webinars at their own pace. Business who prefer a supportive, live network model may enroll with a small cohort of entrepreneurs over a 12-week period to define critical business goals and accelerate their path to achieving it. Participants will attend the DreamBuilder online courses that teach them the skills and knowledge to grow their business. Courses are interactive, convenient for their schedule, and available in both Spanish and English. Best of all, they're free, will offer guidance and feedback, and will take a personal interest in helping San Pablo businesses grow.

Mini-BIGs Program Overview

  • Mini-BIGs IMilestone Grant: Businesses that apply complete DreamBuilder, receive technical assistance (TA) from EDC and partners as needed, and earn up to $2,500 as they complete milestones of business fundamentals.
  • Mini-BIGs IIMatched Grant: Provides up to $2,000 per business as a matched improvement grant (e.g., technology, safety, equipment, etc.). This is done as a dollar-to-dollar (1:1) match, i.e., if a business spends $1,500 on a new piece of equipment, the grant will reimburse $750.
  • Mini-BIGs IIIADA Improvement Grants: Businesses may apply for this 1:1 matching grant up to $2,500 in addition to the Mini-BIGs Milestone and Matched grants if they wish to get a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) to conduct a CASp inspection and complete readily achievable access issues, including ADA website access.


Each eligible business may only apply one time for each Mini-BIGs grant. Eligibility for Mini-BIGs is identical to Back-to-Business (B2B) Grant

To apply, a business must:

  • Be small, privately owned and for-profit with a minimum of one (1) FTE.
  • Be independently owned and operated.
  • Have a physical store or office located within the incorporated boundaries of the City of San Pablo.
  • Be currently open.
  • Have been in business since at least 2022 and filed business tax returns for at least the past two (2) consecutive tax years.
  • Business income must represent an owner’s primary means of income.

Anyone interested in developing a business plan can use the free resource available on our website at It is accessible to businesses outside of San Pablo; however, they do not qualify for Mini-BIGs Grant.