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San Pablo Back-to-Business (B2B) Fund


Back-to-Business (B2B)

Approved by San Pablo City Council, B2B Funds will provide immediate financial relief in the form of grants to qualified, currently licensed small businesses within the incorporated boundaries of the City of San Pablo.  These grants are intended to maintain operations and support business growth during this economically challenging time.

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Eligible Businesses
* Small, privately owned, for-profit with a minimum of one full-time employee
* Business must be located in the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of San Pablo
* Must demonstrate financial hardship due to COVID-19
* Must have a current business license with the City of San Pablo
* Must be open for business and have filed tax returns for at least the past two (2) consecutive tax years

Businesses may not be owned or partially owned by, or employ, any of the following individuals: a City of San Pablo Elected Official, a current employee of the City of San Pablo, a current employee or board member of the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation, or an immediate family member who lives in the same household of any of these individuals.

For complete eligibility, please review San Pablo B2B Fund Guidelines

Grant Amounts
Grants are available as $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 for capital-ready eligible San Pablo businesses
demonstrating strategic business pivots in their business plan.
The grant tier is determined as follows:
* $5,000 for an existing storefront or qualified home-based business with a gross revenue ≤ $100,000
* $10,000 for an existing storefront business with a gross revenue ≤ $250,000
* $15,000 for an existing storefront business with a gross revenue ≤ $500,000
* $20,000 for an existing storefront business with a gross revenue ≥ $750,000

Qualified businesses must submit the following documents:
* Copy of current City of San Pablo Business License
* Business Plan
* Financial Statements (Balance Sheet & Profit + Loss)
* Income Tax Returns (2 most recent years)
* Projected Revenues (12 months)
* Bank Statement (3 most recent months)
* Signed IRS Form W-9
* Signed San Pablo EDC Rule of Conduct Form
* Media Release Waiver

Grant Usage
The grant funds must be used to pay for
any of the following reasons:
* Lease payments
* Payroll
* Utilities
* Business Supplies (including PPE)
* Equipment
* Software or Technology
* Another expense as approved on your application


San Pablo Back-to-Business (B2B) Fund